Feelings are our FRIENDS!


This is the week many educators say goodbye to their summer break and head back into the classroom. Yes, it’s true that the children don’t start school for another week or so, but our educators will be back at it this week. From getting their classrooms set up, preparing for open house and the first day of school and professional development, teachers are back in full swing this week.
This year found many parents and teachers discouraged that Tax-Free Weekend did not exist. Many stores are still holding sales and specials for Back to School, but what about for teachers when school has started and they need supplemental supplies? Due to budget cuts, many schools can provide the bare necessities in terms of supplies. Many schools do not have “extra” materials lying around or even supplemental materials for different activities. This causes many teachers to dip into their own pockets to spend their own money.
As a community, we need to be more supportive of the individuals who are teaching our youth. Their job truly never ends. If you ask a teacher what they did this summer, you will get a variety of answers. Some worked. Some went on vacation. But most of them will tell you that they did something, in some way, for their classroom. Whether it was professional development or just browsing and creating things they found on Pinterest, many teachers use the summer to prepare for the next school year.
If you click here, you will see a full list of businesses that provide teachers with discounts on a variety of items that can be used in and out of the classroom! Good luck teachers!



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