Feelings are our FRIENDS!


YOU MADE IT! Whether you are a first year teacher or a veteran teacher with 20-something years under their belt, the first day of school can always be nerve-wracking. No matter your level of experience, you never know what to expect. Something can always go wrong no matter how well you plan. 

Click here to read an article for teachers preparing for the first day! If today went horribly wrong, tomorrow is always another day. If today was successful, congrats! It is important to remember that no matter how nervous you were as a teacher, your children were even more nervous. All of these children come from various backgrounds and as a teacher, you never know what to expect. 

I am here to say that you are LOVED. Your students felt LOVED. And you made it through the first day. Good job! Tomorrow is a new day and will be better. And as the year progresses, you will be amazing! 



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