Feelings are our FRIENDS!

The coloring book is almost done.  This is my first time publishing a coloring book and it has been trial by error.  LOL!  Submit…Rejection…Submit…Rejection.  During the rejections, I have been writing down the reasons for rejection to ensure that I do not have the same issues with coloring book #2.  I do not want to repeat these lessons.

You know in life I wish that I had done the same thing.  I wish that I had written down things that did not work for me so I would not do them over again.  So often I would make a decision to do something that was not good for me.  The outcome of the decision would not bring me joy. When faced with the same situation over and over again, I made the same decision over and over again.   And what was the outcome?  No joy cometh again.  Why didn’t I learn the lesson the first, second or third time I ask myself?  My only response is that I was allowing my feelings to control me.

I’m not quite sure, but as you age you get to a point where you say no more.  I am done with that lesson and I choose to move forward.  Yes, this decision leaves me lonely at times.  But my relationship with God is strengthened and I am becoming a better person.  In addition, I am fulfilling my life’s purpose.  Couldn’t do that wholeheartedly when I was making poor life decisions.

So for real for real.  What life decisions are you making that are prohibiting you from walking in your purpose?  What are you doing that you know you need to stop?  Why won’t you stop?  Do you believe that fear, loneliness, rejection, etc. will be the outcome of you stopping?  What feeling is controlling you versus you controlling that feeling?  Today, I encourage you to get control of your feelings.  Manage them.  Don’t let them manage you.

Talking about our feelings isn’t easy.  It requires being truthful.  Truth and real talk is hard.  Self-examination is painful.  Change is terrifying.  But on the other side, releasing is joyful.  Overcoming is delightful.  Fulfilling your life purpose is love.

It’s the choice that we make.  What do you choose?



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