Feelings are our FRIENDS!

Yesterday I was feeling anxious and uncertain about life.  How can that be you may ask?  How does Miss KK, the Mama to The Feeling Friends experience anxiety?  I experience it because I am human that’s how.  Although my purpose in life is to guide others through the maze of feelings, I still have to guide myself as well.

As anxiety overtook me yesterday afternoon, I immediately pulled out my tool box and read The Feeling Friends story Annabelle the Anxious Anteater.  In the story Annabelle is anxious because she has invited friends over to spend the night.  She has begun to invent scenarios in her head about her friends not enjoying their stay.  To sum it all up, Annabelle is anxious about something that is gonna take place in the future.  Here’s a snippet Annabelle’s story:

“A million thoughts raced through her mind

And her stomach started to ache.

How could her palms be this sweaty?

This anxiety she could not shake.


What if they hated all her toys?

What if they thought she was a bore?

What if her grandma did something weird

That made them run out the door?


All these thoughts ran through Annabelle’s head.

Her fears she could not ignore.

Away she ran to her grandma’s room.

Her tears made streams on the floor.”

In the story Annabelle’s grandmother comes to the rescue and gives Annabelle instructions to “Banish the cruel thoughts in your head and think good thoughts instead.”  Annabelle’s grandmother insists that she stay in the present and not be anxious about the future.  She reminds Annabelle that the future will be taken care of when it arrives.  After taking her grandmother’s advice, Annabelle let go of her anxiety and had a great time with her friends at her sleepover.

Like Annabelle, yesterday I was anxious about something that could possibly happen in the future.  After reading the story I decided to take Grandmother Anteater’s advice as well.  I began to live and think in the right now.  I thought…”I am excited about the coffee and cinnamon roll I am about to have.  I am grateful for the sunshine, my coach, my friends and family, the ability to walk things out, my Grief Share instruction, The Feeling Friends and my life.   I am filled with joy.  I feel safe and secure.  I am loved.”

Something began to happen as I repeated these thoughts over and over.  As the sun shined on me, I took out my computer and began to type my thoughts.  Before I could complete my writings, my coffee mate appeared.  He was a breath of fresh air.  He had no idea that anxiety was sitting on my lap, arms straddled around my neck.  As we blessed our food before eating, anxiety let go of my neck.  As we shared coffee and the best cinnamon rolls, anxiety got off my lap and moved to the chair beside me.  As we talked openly and freely about our lives, anxiety stood up and went to the door.  As we talked about God, His goodness and how we serve right now, anxiety opened the door of the coffee shop and disappeared.  Yes, while having coffee my anxiety left without saying good-bye and has not returned.  I immediately thought about Matthew 6:34:

“Give your entire situation to what God is doing right now, and don’t get worked up about what may or may not happen.  God will help you deal with whatever hard things come up when the time comes.”

Yesterday, anxiety snuck up on me and had me discombobulated!  But God gave me a story years ago that gave me instructions on what to do when anxiety visits.  It’s about having the tools baby…It’s about having the tools to help us when we need them!  The story also reminded me of who God is.  God also sent me an Angel with the right spirit to meet with me at the perfect time.  As our spirits convened, our time spent together was so wonderful that I began to live in the present. The last time I saw anxiety yesterday, she was catching the bus to her next destination.

Lesson Learned:  To avoid a visit from anxiety in the future, in the present is where I will stay.  God’s got tomorrow covered.

Love is the most important feeling!

Miss KK




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