Feelings are our FRIENDS!

The Feeling Friends Color Your Feelings Coloring Books arrived this morning at UPS.  They are waiting for me to pick up at 9:00 am this morning.  My goal was to walk 6 miles and then go and pick up the books from.  Well it’s raining and my morning walk has gone out the door, but I will be there to pick up the books on time.

This is exciting for me.  Unlike in the past, everywhere I go now people understand the value in what I do and The Feeling Friends are changing lives.  Thank you Lord!  In America, we are a society that practices turning off and burying our feelings deep inside.  To fix this we have to open up and begin the conversations.  I was one of these people for decades.  I buried my feelings, pain and heartache deep inside of me.  The wonderful, adorable and non-judgmental Feelings Friends books and project allowed me the opportunity to begin my conversations.  I heal everyday.

Well the wait is over! The Feeling Friends Color Your Feelings Coloring Books, the next generation of WONDERFULOSITY is here.  The coloring books are $9.99 + tax each.  In-message me with your e-mail address and let me know the number of The Feeling Friends Color Your Feelings Coloring Books you want to purchase.  Coloring is therapy and these books will do wonders for your spirit.

Order your Color Your Feelings Coloring Books today.  Give yourself permission to to heal your emotions.  Allow your feeling conversations to begin today.






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