Feelings are our FRIENDS!

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Our feelings regulate everything we do.  They decide where we eat, go to school, our professions, who to marry and divorce, what church to attend, what house and car to buy, who to love, who to hate – the list goes on and on.  Why do our emotions regulate us?  Because we don’t know how to identify, express, and manage our feelings.  We were not taught this in school and many of our parents didn’t teach us at home. Most of us go through life winging it, doing the best we can with the limited knowledge we have. This is why most of our lives are an emotional mess.  Yes, your life is probably an emotional mess if you are truthful to yourself.

I can have this conversation with you because once upon a time, I was the person whose life was an emotional mess.  I had a platinum pass to my own emotional rollercoaster and I often purchased guest passes to other people’s emotional rollercoasters as well.  I was guilty of keeping too much bottled up inside.  These rides were very expensive to my spirit and took a toll on me emotionally.  I had never been taught that I could get off the ride once I was on or to skip the ride altogether.

When my daughter was six years old, she was diagnosed with clinical depression. That was not too much of a surprise to me because I was depressed when I was pregnant with her.  Oh no, that secret is out.  Yes, this one one of my emotional roller coaster rides that i did not skip.  I hid that secret for years.  Pushed it down to the pits of my being where it ate away at my inner self.

The psychologist told me that I had to get my daughter to talk about her feelings.  In my effort to help my daughter conquer her depression, I was ready to buy anything to help my child and to help me get over me feeling guilty.  There was nothing on the market to buy so I created The Feeling Friends.  The Feeling Friends characters gave my daughter the vocabulary and confidence to tell me how she was feeling. After mastering the vocabulary, I then gave her different ways to manage her feelings.  As I observed The Feeling Friends bringing forth light to my daughter’s dark emotional universe, I realized that The Feeling Friends were working for me as well.  Those emotions that I had pushed down to the pit of my stomach began to emerge and be released.  When I released, did a house fall on me?  Did I get a levy by the IRS?  Nope.  Nothing awful happened to me when I released the emotional baggage of all of my situations that had had me emotionally bound.  Like my daughter, unpacking that baggage freed me.  Now because of The Feeling Friends, we both have the tools to manage our feelings and life is easier for us.

The Feeling Friends eBook series WILL make a difference in your life if you are ready.  If you have any desire to get your emotions under control, unpack some emotional baggage or lay the foundation for your family to be emotionally healthy, you must become a member of our TRIBE.  We believe that LOVE is the most important FEELING and we share our stories and lessons with you in LOVE.  The Feeling Friends can’t make you talk about your feelings, but The Feeling Friends are the catalyst for the conversations to begin.

We hope to see you digitally!

LOVE is the most important FEELING!

-Miss KK