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The Feeling Friends Color Your Feelings Coloring Books arrived this morning at UPS.  They are waiting for me to pick up at 9:00 am this morning.  My goal was to walk 6 miles and then go and pick up the books from.  Well it’s raining and my morning walk has gone out the door, but I will be there to pick up the books on time.

This is exciting for me.  Unlike in the past, everywhere I go now people understand the value in what I do and The Feeling Friends are changing lives.  Thank you Lord!  In America, we are a society that practices turning off and burying our feelings deep inside.  To fix this we have to open up and begin the conversations.  I was one of these people for decades.  I buried my feelings, pain and heartache deep inside of me.  The wonderful, adorable and non-judgmental Feelings Friends books and project allowed me the opportunity to begin my conversations.  I heal everyday.

Well the wait is over! The Feeling Friends Color Your Feelings Coloring Books, the next generation of WONDERFULOSITY is here.  The coloring books are $9.99 + tax each.  In-message me with your e-mail address and let me know the number of The Feeling Friends Color Your Feelings Coloring Books you want to purchase.  Coloring is therapy and these books will do wonders for your spirit.

Order your Color Your Feelings Coloring Books today.  Give yourself permission to to heal your emotions.  Allow your feeling conversations to begin today.





Yesterday I was feeling anxious and uncertain about life.  How can that be you may ask?  How does Miss KK, the Mama to The Feeling Friends experience anxiety?  I experience it because I am human that’s how.  Although my purpose in life is to guide others through the maze of feelings, I still have to guide myself as well.

As anxiety overtook me yesterday afternoon, I immediately pulled out my tool box and read The Feeling Friends story Annabelle the Anxious Anteater.  In the story Annabelle is anxious because she has invited friends over to spend the night.  She has begun to invent scenarios in her head about her friends not enjoying their stay.  To sum it all up, Annabelle is anxious about something that is gonna take place in the future.  Here’s a snippet Annabelle’s story:

“A million thoughts raced through her mind

And her stomach started to ache.

How could her palms be this sweaty?

This anxiety she could not shake.


What if they hated all her toys?

What if they thought she was a bore?

What if her grandma did something weird

That made them run out the door?


All these thoughts ran through Annabelle’s head.

Her fears she could not ignore.

Away she ran to her grandma’s room.

Her tears made streams on the floor.”

In the story Annabelle’s grandmother comes to the rescue and gives Annabelle instructions to “Banish the cruel thoughts in your head and think good thoughts instead.”  Annabelle’s grandmother insists that she stay in the present and not be anxious about the future.  She reminds Annabelle that the future will be taken care of when it arrives.  After taking her grandmother’s advice, Annabelle let go of her anxiety and had a great time with her friends at her sleepover.

Like Annabelle, yesterday I was anxious about something that could possibly happen in the future.  After reading the story I decided to take Grandmother Anteater’s advice as well.  I began to live and think in the right now.  I thought…”I am excited about the coffee and cinnamon roll I am about to have.  I am grateful for the sunshine, my coach, my friends and family, the ability to walk things out, my Grief Share instruction, The Feeling Friends and my life.   I am filled with joy.  I feel safe and secure.  I am loved.”

Something began to happen as I repeated these thoughts over and over.  As the sun shined on me, I took out my computer and began to type my thoughts.  Before I could complete my writings, my coffee mate appeared.  He was a breath of fresh air.  He had no idea that anxiety was sitting on my lap, arms straddled around my neck.  As we blessed our food before eating, anxiety let go of my neck.  As we shared coffee and the best cinnamon rolls, anxiety got off my lap and moved to the chair beside me.  As we talked openly and freely about our lives, anxiety stood up and went to the door.  As we talked about God, His goodness and how we serve right now, anxiety opened the door of the coffee shop and disappeared.  Yes, while having coffee my anxiety left without saying good-bye and has not returned.  I immediately thought about Matthew 6:34:

“Give your entire situation to what God is doing right now, and don’t get worked up about what may or may not happen.  God will help you deal with whatever hard things come up when the time comes.”

Yesterday, anxiety snuck up on me and had me discombobulated!  But God gave me a story years ago that gave me instructions on what to do when anxiety visits.  It’s about having the tools baby…It’s about having the tools to help us when we need them!  The story also reminded me of who God is.  God also sent me an Angel with the right spirit to meet with me at the perfect time.  As our spirits convened, our time spent together was so wonderful that I began to live in the present. The last time I saw anxiety yesterday, she was catching the bus to her next destination.

Lesson Learned:  To avoid a visit from anxiety in the future, in the present is where I will stay.  God’s got tomorrow covered.

Love is the most important feeling!

Miss KK


The coloring book is almost done.  This is my first time publishing a coloring book and it has been trial by error.  LOL!  Submit…Rejection…Submit…Rejection.  During the rejections, I have been writing down the reasons for rejection to ensure that I do not have the same issues with coloring book #2.  I do not want to repeat these lessons.

You know in life I wish that I had done the same thing.  I wish that I had written down things that did not work for me so I would not do them over again.  So often I would make a decision to do something that was not good for me.  The outcome of the decision would not bring me joy. When faced with the same situation over and over again, I made the same decision over and over again.   And what was the outcome?  No joy cometh again.  Why didn’t I learn the lesson the first, second or third time I ask myself?  My only response is that I was allowing my feelings to control me.

I’m not quite sure, but as you age you get to a point where you say no more.  I am done with that lesson and I choose to move forward.  Yes, this decision leaves me lonely at times.  But my relationship with God is strengthened and I am becoming a better person.  In addition, I am fulfilling my life’s purpose.  Couldn’t do that wholeheartedly when I was making poor life decisions.

So for real for real.  What life decisions are you making that are prohibiting you from walking in your purpose?  What are you doing that you know you need to stop?  Why won’t you stop?  Do you believe that fear, loneliness, rejection, etc. will be the outcome of you stopping?  What feeling is controlling you versus you controlling that feeling?  Today, I encourage you to get control of your feelings.  Manage them.  Don’t let them manage you.

Talking about our feelings isn’t easy.  It requires being truthful.  Truth and real talk is hard.  Self-examination is painful.  Change is terrifying.  But on the other side, releasing is joyful.  Overcoming is delightful.  Fulfilling your life purpose is love.

It’s the choice that we make.  What do you choose?



As we begin our day in the middle of a short week, (thanks Labor Day!) I think it is important to remember how vital it is that we take time for ourselves. This includes everybody — teachers, parents, children. We have to make ourselves a priority. 

As we entered the second week of school, I already had teacher friends battling the sniffles, sore throats and body aches. They had students who were doing the same and it is not okay! Yes, our bodies are adjusting to a new, more rigorous schedule and our immune systems are taking a hit, but that just means that we need to make more time for ourselves. More time to decompress, sleep, relax. We have to focus on making sure we are okay, otherwise the people around us will suffer.

As a parent, how can you make sure that your child is prepared and ready for school when you confined to bed with a fever? As a teacher, how can you be 100% present for your students when you’re battling a sinus headache? As a student, how can a child learn when they have the sniffles?

Click here to find out some easy ways to NOT get sick! 

Click here to find out how to keep your children from getting sick! 

If you read both articles, amid the reminders to wash your hands and avoid touching your face to spread germs, there is the reminder to be active, get sleep, and TAKE IT EASY! As parents and teachers we can overwork ourselves or even our children. It is so important to remember to focus on YOU. Take a deep breath and relax, and if that’s too hard, click here to read about some different ways to relax! 


YOU MADE IT! Whether you are a first year teacher or a veteran teacher with 20-something years under their belt, the first day of school can always be nerve-wracking. No matter your level of experience, you never know what to expect. Something can always go wrong no matter how well you plan. 

Click here to read an article for teachers preparing for the first day! If today went horribly wrong, tomorrow is always another day. If today was successful, congrats! It is important to remember that no matter how nervous you were as a teacher, your children were even more nervous. All of these children come from various backgrounds and as a teacher, you never know what to expect. 

I am here to say that you are LOVED. Your students felt LOVED. And you made it through the first day. Good job! Tomorrow is a new day and will be better. And as the year progresses, you will be amazing! 


Many teachers are back in the classroom today staring at the blank canvas that is their classrooms. With a mixture of excitement and nervousness about the coming year. Students will be back before they can even catch their breath. This next week is all about preparing their rooms, planning for the first day and getting things ready for the entire year. Click here for free ice breaker ideas for the first day of school, because who doesn’t love free?!

However, we can’t forget who else is preparing for Back to School! Parents are also gearing up to get their children back to school. Whether their child is starting their first day in Kindergarten or first day of their senior year of high school, this is an emotional and exhausting time for parents. Click here for some ideas on easy and healthy lunches for your child!  

Going back to school should be an exciting time for teachers, parents and children. They shouldn’t be dreading or stressing about going back. Remember to love your teachers, love your children and love everyone around you. Say thank you, say good morning, smile. It doesn’t take much to show people that you care about them and what they do for you! Remember to SPREAD THE LOVE!


This is the week many educators say goodbye to their summer break and head back into the classroom. Yes, it’s true that the children don’t start school for another week or so, but our educators will be back at it this week. From getting their classrooms set up, preparing for open house and the first day of school and professional development, teachers are back in full swing this week.
This year found many parents and teachers discouraged that Tax-Free Weekend did not exist. Many stores are still holding sales and specials for Back to School, but what about for teachers when school has started and they need supplemental supplies? Due to budget cuts, many schools can provide the bare necessities in terms of supplies. Many schools do not have “extra” materials lying around or even supplemental materials for different activities. This causes many teachers to dip into their own pockets to spend their own money.
As a community, we need to be more supportive of the individuals who are teaching our youth. Their job truly never ends. If you ask a teacher what they did this summer, you will get a variety of answers. Some worked. Some went on vacation. But most of them will tell you that they did something, in some way, for their classroom. Whether it was professional development or just browsing and creating things they found on Pinterest, many teachers use the summer to prepare for the next school year.
If you click here, you will see a full list of businesses that provide teachers with discounts on a variety of items that can be used in and out of the classroom! Good luck teachers!


1. sadness because one has no friends or company.
“feelings of depression and loneliness”

     I remember back when I was in school, I was a social butterfly. I was a good student, but I always “talked too much” with my friends. Summer break used to be a bittersweet time for me. I loved being out of school, but I hated how lonely I felt. Some of my friends did not live near me and so it was hard, with our parents working, for us to see each other frequently. I often had to go to the park by myself, or stay at home by myself. I felt so alone, and sad, during the summer months.

     Now that we are about to embark on the second week of summer vacation for most children, I want to encourage parents to push their children out of their comfort zones. Sign them up for camp or a sports program. Encourage them to make new friends at the park. Summertime can be a really hard time for children who have a lot of friends at school, but not many friends in the neighborhood where they live.

Sometimes I feel that we forget that our children can feel lonely in the summer. Our lives as parents continue as normal and we think our kids should feel ecstatic that school is out. They get to sleep in, watch tv, relax and they have no homework. What could be better? However, we need to be aware, and understand the signs of loneliness so that we can help our children. Feeling lonely can spiral into something bigger if we don’t address it. Here is an article that describes loneliness and how to relieve that feeling of being alone. The article talks about The Close Five. This is having five people that you are close with and they can be family, friends, neighbors, colleagues, etc. It is important to have an inner circle of people that you trust and can be there for you. We cannot forget that children have these inner circles at school, but when it comes to being home all summer, where does that inner circle go? When children feel like they don’t have anybody, it can be dangerous and so again, I encourage parents to pay attention to their children and push them to branch out; to create a summertime inner circle.



Over the weekend, I saw a bunch of children playing outside and I realized I would be seeing a lot more of them now that they had finished school. Watching them play in the street, I realized that they weren’t being very safe and I had to resist the urge to go outside and scold them, as a mother would, about their behavior.

It did get me thinking about the safety of children this summer. Many children will be outside, at the pools, at camp, at the park. Unfortunately, many parents still have to work and so they will leave an older sibling in charge, or a babysitter. But it really made me think about how SAFE children can be on their own. Do they really understand “stranger danger”? Do they know how to call 911? Do they know how to be safe at the pool? At the park? Do they know who to turn to for help?

I came across this article about students learning how to be safe in and out of their home and I thought of how beneficial a program similar to this would be in all schools. I remember the programs that were in place when I was in school and I never really felt that I learned anything. It was lecture-style with brochures. I think the idea of having a simulated community and having students role-play scenarios is much more engaging. It will require students to think, participate and actually retain the information they are being given.

In The Feeling Friends, we have Watcher the Caution Dog who sends a similar message to students, teaching them how to be SAFE and CAUTIOUS when doing things like crossing the street or playing around. It is extremely important that children understand what it means to feel SAFE and what it means to feel UNSAFE. What are the warning signs when we feel unsafe? We might be scared, anxious, nervous, or even feel sick. What are the signs that we feel safe? We are happy, we’re having fun, we know where we can go to get help if we need it. Helping children understand these feelings young will carry over into their older years. Parents won’t need to worry as much when leaving their high school-er in charge of siblings or letting the kids go play down the street because they will know that their children understand how to feel AND be SAFE. 

Have a great summer and please BE SAFE!